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You can zoom and twirl all 3D models at any time,
including while an animation is playing.
In the tank lesson, click ▶️ to start the animated sequence.

Licensable Generic XR Simulators

To license one or more of our ever growing selection of off the shelf generic XR simulators detailed below, please contact one of our sales representatives at sales@e-spaces.com. Licensing granularity starts at a single component of a single simulator.

ENTIRE LOCATION simulator — Cut view toggle shows animated flows of gasses and fluids above and below the surface. Other toggles show all equipment configurations for various well production phases. Components include:

WELLHEAD simulator components include:

PLUNGER LIFT simulator components include:

PUMPING UNIT Lufkin 160 simulator components include:

COMPRESSION UNIT simulator components include:

L-PUD simulator components include:

1-STAGE SEPARATOR simulator components include:

DEHYDRATOR simulator components include:

286 TANK simulator components include:

METER RUNS simulator components include:

HEATER TREATER simulator components include:


While we can and have developed in Unity and Unreal, our XR development platform of choice is a fully open web-platform consisting of the open-specification WebVR / WebXR and the open framework A-Frame by the Mozilla Foundation. The important deployment, maintenance and future-proofing benefits of our platform include:

Our fully open platform supports powerfull VR & AR on:

Do you want to train and certify more operators, installers, and maintenance personnel faster and better, yielding higher-performing and safer trainees? Then look no further and use our L&D, training, and education solutions. Our award-winning online interactive 3D simulators are the best in the business.

Advantages Of Using Our XRtraining Xlr8tr® Editor

We keep prices down and we can scale production of VR/AR simulators by using our own XRtraining Xlr8tr® programs suite. Our development suite embodies 20+ years of know-how creating virtual procedure trainers, manuals, exercises, and more.

Our solution works:

Want A 75% Retention Rate? VR/AR Delivers.

The National Training Laboratory (National Education Association of the United States) reports that retention rates for lecture-style learning are up to 5%, with reading rates at up to 10%. VR however scored a retention rate of up to a whopping 75%.


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How does it work?

If you have to train personnel to operate complex equipment, we can empower you by turning this into easily navigable, intuitive interactive lessons… delivered to any web-browser on any device. The simulator loads and your trainees can explore the highly interactive and visually rich explanations using VCR style controls.

What do I need to provide you to make a simulator?

If you have Autocad files or a 3D model of the machinery you would like to train people on, that would be an ideal starting point. If you don’t have such, we will need to photograph the equipment in order to create a 3D model. Next, we need a step by step description of the process(es) to be trained. Multilingual narration can be added if needed. These answers apply to strictly software-based 3D simulators. Preventive maintenance involving augmented reality may also require hardware to interface with. Production of such may take longer than a strictly software-based approach.

How long does it take?

For surface equipment, it can take from one to three months, depending on the materials you provide us and the complexity of the equipment, the number of steps to be trained, as well as a few additional parameters. It can take longer if you need to train safety procedures involving people / workers / operators.

Can I use it on my tablet and my smartphone?

The simulators work in any browser on smartphones as well as on tablets.

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