Our education & training solutions, our online interactive 3D simulators, train and certify more operators, installers, and maintenance personnel faster and better, yielding higher-performing and safer trainees.

Augmented and virtual reality simulation of complex industrial equipment

Better Operators

Boost operator knowledge management. Capture best practices. Accurately reflect site-specific and equipment-specific processes. Significantly reduce operator errors and risk.

More Bang For The Buck, Faster

Speed up training efficiency and effectiveness. Decrease upfront training costs for new personnel adding extended personalized practice sessions.

Greater Safety Compliance

Up-to-date multi-device mobile 3D manuals improve Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) compliance for safer shutdowns, turnarounds, lower emissions, and more.

Maximum Operational Profit

Minimize on-site training and associated costs including travel, accommodation, supervision.

The Next Best Thing To Real Equipment

Extremely realistic interactive 3D virtual versions look, feel, sound and work exactly like the real thing... at any scale.

Multilingual team

Our multilingual team of project managers and simulation designers interface with you in fluent English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Dutch or Afrikaans. Interfacing in other languages available on request.


Interactive 3D VR/AR training simulators we produced so far include all the surface equipment of well locations including a heater-treater, wellhead Xmas tree, pumping unit, compression unit, L-PUD, 1-stage separator, dehydrator, tank, meter runs, plunger lift and more. These were produced to train and certify lease operators in the oil & gas industry. The simulators faithfully reproduce the internal and external working of existing equipment including start-up & shut-down procedures, assembly & disassembly, maintenance & troubleshooting procedures and more.

Heater Treater

3D VR simulator

L-PUD Separator

3D VR simulator


3D VR simulator


3D VR simulator



Entire location oil and gas energy interactive 3d VR equipment simulator

Interactive 3D Experience

Interactive 3D real-time training simulators and manuals are ideally suited to the technical training of the operation of highly complex industrial equipment. Simulators allow students to literally see, hear, feel and interactively understand the inner workings of machines, systems and even entire installations such as refineries and power plants. They can interactively examine and explore them from all sides as well as in fully animated interactive 3D cut views.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology for Interactive 3D simulations.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Simulators

Interactive augmented reality and virtual reality technology allows the playing out of different security and safety related simulations without putting the students into any kind of danger. We can program step by step solutions for every standard problem.

prevent ecological disaster with virtual reality

Augmented Reality for Preventive Maintenance

For predictive maintenance projects we read key data using sensors, create a real-time updated virtual model of the system, run diagnostics, notify personnel about a problem if the sensor data goes outside of parameters. Using augmented reality, the operator can quickly identify the location of the problem and attempt a fix with real time feedback. This solution greatly reduces human errors and can prevent ecological disasters.


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How does it work?

If you have to train personnel to operate complex equipment, we can empower you by turning this into easily navigable, intuitive interactive lessons… delivered to any web-browser on any device. The simulator loads and your trainees can explore the highly interactive and visually rich explanations using VCR style controls.

What do I need to provide you to make a simulator?

If you have Autocad files or a 3D model of the machinery you would like to train people on, that would be an ideal starting point. If you don’t have such, we will need to photograph the equipment in order to create a 3D model. Next, we need a step by step description of the process(es) to be trained. Multilingual narration can be added if needed. These answers apply to strictly software-based 3D simulators. Preventive maintenance involving augmented reality may also require hardware to interface with. Production of such may take longer than a strictly software-based approach.

How long does it take?

For surface equipment, it can take from one to three months, depending on the materials you provide us and the complexity of the equipment, the number of steps to be trained, as well as a few additional parameters. It can take longer if you need to train safety procedures involving people / workers / operators.

Can I use it on my tablet and my smartphone?

The simulators work in any browser on smartphones as well as on tablets.

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AR/VR Simulators Project Manager

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3D Designer

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